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Labour Outsourcing

At Employd Staffing Solutions Ltd, we provide flexible and productive staffing solutions with effective control of staffing costs. In addition we assure the client of seamless service thereby ensuring that our client will always be represented at any given point and time, thus upholding optimum levels of service delivery.

Recruitment and Selection

Let us find the right fit for your company. Employd Staffing SolutionsRecruiting provides specialist recruitment and executive search services for all positions.With us , you no longer have to waste time on things like the interview process, collecting and reviewing applications, posting job adverts or phone screening.

Training & Development Management

Employd Staffing Solutions offers professional Training and Development Services designed to aid in the development of employees through structured process. We offer you the opportunity to provide your employees at all levels with a wide array of workplace centric training experiences.

Outsourced Payroll Management

Don’t waste any more time with a labor-intensive payroll process. Put it on our shoulders, by partnering with Employd Staffing Solutions. We facilitate and administer all of your payroll needs including processing bonuses, commissions, overtime, and payroll for weekly/ bi weekly/ daily/hourly paid employees.

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Formal Engagement

All outsourced staffs are issued with employment offer letters in line with the Employment Act 2007 and in consultation with the client.

Compliance with employment legislation

We ensure outsourced staffs are managed within stipulated legislation in line with the Employment Act 2007.

Payroll management

We are responsible for processing salaries and meet the statutory requirements i.e. PAYE, NSSF, NHIF,NITA and Insurance relieve allowable for all outsourced staff.

Improve Compliance

Employment and labor laws change regularly, and it can be difficult for employers to remain up-to-date on regulations that affect the workplace. We help ensure compliance with these laws to avoid costly lawsuits brought on by employees.

On Site Supervision

When a client outsources we provide a Team Leader on site to manage and motivate outsourced staff. This guarantees maximum return on client investment.

Employee Scheduling

Ital ensures optimum staffing levels within agreed timelines by ensuring that every shift has a capacity of 100%.

Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance management and close supervision by a Key Account Manager.


We provide the client with real-time on-line reports for all agreed reporting lines.

Soft Skills Training

Employd is aware that every employee is a brand ambassador for the company; we conduct soft skills training for all outsourced staff once every quarter and on client site to avoid disrupting operations in line with the clients Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Employee Development

We implement performance management plans to ensure employees comply with company policies and procedures and successfully meet business goals.

Performance Management

We customize performance management tools and work with the client to monitor and enhance performance of all outsourced staff.

Fire and Occupational Safety and Health Awareness

Employd trains all contracted employees on the Fire, Occupational Safety and Health guidelines to ensure reduced risks at the work place and in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2007.

Induction of New Employees

Aware that recruitment is expensive, we support the client with induction of all new employees to ensure maximum return on investment made by client as well as reduce turnover.


We ensure all outsourced staffs are covered for WIBA.

Medical Cover

When the client requires outsourced staff to have a medical cover, we procure this on behalf of the client.

Leave Management

We keep track of official leave taken/balance, sick leave taken/balance on behalf of the client.

Timely Payments

We ensure outsourced staff salaries are transferred to the respective staff accounts on the date agreed with client.

Cost Savings

Lower operational and labour costs. Reduce the cost of maintaining non-revenue-generating back-office expenses.

Flexibility of the Workforce

Adapt more quickly to rising or slowing demand of your business.


Outsourcing allows you to Focus on Your Core Business: Free up time to concentrate on your core business processes. Direct your scope to work on what really matters inside your business.


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