Tenders Representative

Duties and Responsibilities

➢ Monitors the tender submission process for formatting, completeness,
consistency, and compliance
➢ Assists in the management of data related to the tendering process
➢ Liaises with Buyers, Procurement/Market Analysts, and Transaction
Procurement Specialists to provide contractual and compliance advice
➢ Ensures the completeness and accuracy of contracts, including monitoring all
related liabilities and third party contracts
➢ Stays abreast of and communicates any changes in contractual
➢ Ensure that correct prices for products/items on tender documents are
derived on time and negotiate prices with suppliers to get competitive
prices for tendering.
➢ Ensure tender process is complete if required to share price with Principal
in Charge for amendments if any and ink the document.
➢ Ensure that tender is submitted in the required manner with necessary
submission documents.
➢ Ensure all Tender documents are stored properly and all information is
kept confidential.
➢ Hand over the whole tender document workings and related documents to
the respective people in Charge of Project upon award of Tender.
➢ After tender submission and results, follow up vigorously, negotiation on
discounts etc. and to make sure tender is awarded.
➢ Keep Good relations to get necessary information about new upcoming
projects and strategize in a manner that our company is included in the
tender process and also awarded with the project.

➢ Bachelors in procurement / business administration.
➢ Conversant with importation documentation and negotiation of prices.
➢ Fluent in oral and written English and able to write correspondence in English
➢ Independent
➢ At least one years working in a tender department.
➢ PC skills, including a working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects.
➢ Take full responsibility of work irrespective of timings to meet required deadline.

How to Apply
If you are up to the challenge, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email
subject (Tenders Representative) to hro@employd.co.ke .Indicate your expected salary


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